Yarn addict musings

Posted by Lesley McCauley on

Hi. My name is Lesley, and I'm a yarn addict. This is the part where you roll your eyes and say "yeah, sure, how bad could it be"? Pretty bad actually. I'm very lucky to live in an area where I don't have easy access to a proper craft store because I would probably live there. My favorite days are when I find a good score at my local thrift store but even those are not enough for me. I love eBay and have even lucked out at some garage sales. What do I do with all my yarn? Apparently not enough because it's starting to build up on me. I do tend to deplete my reserves during the winter somewhat, which makes me happy but during the summer I start stocking up again, like a squirrel preparing for winter.

I'm keeping track of my good finds. How much did I pay for some nice yarn. I'm toying with the idea of making one of my blog posts about a $2 hat. I found some nice olive green wool and used a stitch I learned on Knitting Daily to accent the side of said hat. It's not a hat I plan to sell because I kept it for myself, but it will definitely be in my lineup of patterns.
My next pattern project is cross stitching designs to hats I've already made. Also an idea I saw on Knitting Daily (not for hats per se but how great are they!), I get a lot of inspiration from that show, but those people are miles ahead of me as far as technique goes. It's also a good way for me to use up my leftover yarn, because you know I never throw any of it away!